Hello, Everyone!

Hello, everybody!

My name is Robin Miller, and I am currently a Junior at the University of South Alabama perusing a degree in Strategic Communication with a focus in Public Relations. When I am not in class I am working at everyone’s favorite place to get chicken salad, that’s right Chicken Salad Chick!

I believe that blogs can have may different purposes. A blog is intended to give the reader some “real life” experience on a particular subject. Some blogs can be for new moms, giving them advice on everyday questions and issues that they face. Those blogs can be very comforting when you may be overwhelmed with a new little one. Other blogs can be for college students prepping for finals, or a newlyweds and how to handle the first year of marriage. Whatever the blog may be about they are suppose to give the reader information about that topic.12308510_1048353271861731_191579015281120382_n

I believe that blogs play a huge role in my particular field. They are extremely popular and the are very effective in EWOM (Electronic Word Of Mouth) which is one of the best ways to reach an audience. They provide a quick, easy, and effective way of communicating with consumers.

My blog will be completely for fun! It will included pictures and stories from places I’ve visited, how to be a full time student, work a part-time job, plan a wedding, have a social and spiritual life, and still mange to stay sane!




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