The do’s and don’ts of Blogging

When writing a blog it can be challenging to decide what to write about and how to organize it in such a way that will flow and make sense to the readers. When writing a blog you should keep a few things in mind. Find your focus. Who are your readers going to be? What topic are you wanting to talk about. Keeping these in mind will help with the development of your blog.   Always be relatable, and be yourself. “What sets bloggers apart from newspaper article feeds is voice. Let your readers get to know you.” (writers If you can be open and show who you are through your writing people will admire it and come back for more content. Try to add a visual. We as humans love a little illustration to go along with all of our reading. Even if it is a small image it can make a good blog even better. It can also bring out your personality and provide even more meaning to get your message across to the

I can use these skills in my career of Public Relations and Marketing because technology is changing the game for Communication, and we are responsible for providing the best possible way to get our product, company, or client from the media to the public. Blogs have taken off on social media which is one of the top most used ways to obtain information. Having the skills to capture our target audience and keep them coming back is vital to the success of our career.

The steps I plan to take each week when writing my blogs are to outline my blogs first, make sure in makes sense and achieves the goal I am trying to make to my readers.  I also plan to showcase who I am and what I stand for in my blogs. I feel as though that is extremely important. You want your readers to trust you. And lastly I plan respond to my readers. If they take the time out of their day to read my blog I want to show them that I care. A simple “thank you” can go a long way in the world of Communication.


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