If you are like me then computers and technology is not really your “thing”, but I am so thankful for sites like Weebly to make it as simple and effective as possible to create a website.

The first steps are simple providing email and password to create an account. From there you simply just pick a domain that fits you and can be easy for people to remember so that they can find your website. After creating the account and the website itself come the fun part. If you are a beginner, which I was the process is very step-by-step and easy to navigate. It allows you to chose color schemes and font style, add pictures and videos, and even a direct link to your social media site.

While designing my website I tried to view it how other people will be seeing it. I wanted a theme that was simple and clean. To many times I find myself going to a website and being distracted by everything that is going on. I do not feel as though I will change my background because of the uniform and clarity it will provide myself and viewers with.



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