Happiness is being an Aunt

So many people say that you never know how yo love until you have children of your own. I for one have to disagree. The Spring of 2015 I I saw love for the first time when I held my two twin nieces. They were so tiny and pure. I knew from that moment I wanted to play a huge role in their life. Watching them grow is so heart warming. From the smallest of achievements to the most difficult. I fell in love once more in the summer of 2016 when my third niece was born. She is the brightest blue eyed and brown haired baby there is. She is so smart and loves to be up and around people.

Although I have only been an Aunt for two years I feel as though they have been in my life forever. They make my worst days great with just a little smile. They have completely stolen my heart and they do not even know it yet!


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