Writing and Managing Email

This past week we took a dive into the world of photoshop! It was rather confusing at first and I honestly did not think I would be able to do it. However, with a little patience and a lot of pratice I was able to transport myself back to my favorite city of New York. I do not see myself using photoshop often, but I am so glad that I have the basic skills of the program if need be.

In the module for this week we learned how to set up a filter on email. It was so much easier then I thought it would be. Most of these activities have been much easier that I expected. The article in the module was extremely helpful and I am so excited that I understand how to filter my emails now. My inbox was always full and had so much “clutter” I created a filter “CA 260” and one for all of my other courses to clean up my inbox and sort out my emails for quick access

Our weekly module  also taught us how to write a clean and  professional email. This article helped a lot and shared really good tips like keeping the introduction brief and to the point. No flowery words or beating around the bush. Just simple and standard structure. It told us how to just  use short words, sentences and paragraphs, because sometimes less is more!


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