This week we read about which content management system would be best to use The three most used are: Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Many options and features are found on these common platforms.  I would recommend a CMS  for a small business to use would be WordPress. I am not very good with internet and online programs and I am able to use WordPress very easily. WordPress is the easiest to start and keep up, it is also very simple and self explanatory. Perfect for a first timer.  It is essentially a one-click installation process, which makes it easy for pretty much anyone to take on, which is one reason for why I would advise this platform over the other two. Also on top of the easy installation process, WordPress has over 2,000 themes to choose from and most them are free. It is also easy to customize and you can “publish with ease”, meaning that when you create a post or page, it is a simple to do and shows up just the way you want it too without all the craziness. If you are wanting to add media to a page, that is also so simple. Media management through WordPress provides an easy process with uploading media. All that is requried is finding the picture or video that you want and clicking and dragging it to where you want it on your website. Simple, easy, fast, and effective.


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