Online Learning

This week we read about online learning and doing web design as a fully online class. I fully agree  with the topic. I am huge for pushing towards online learning and getting a degree fully online. My best friend had a baby young and had to take two years off of school to raise her old enough to go to daycare. She decided that she did not want to miss that time with her daughter, but she also did not want to miss out on her career goals which require a degree. So she is a fully online student, and stay at home mother. Online learning is so convenient and helpful to working parents, and people who are not able to attend a sit in classroom.

Web design online might be a little bit more challenging than other courses that would be fully online, but it would not be impossible. I feel as though CA 260 fully online would be equally the same as in the classroom. Most of our in class assignments are self taught or done on the computer, the only difference is having that professor there to answer questions right then rather than later through an email.


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