Search Engine Optimization

This week we learned about Search Engine Optimization. This is such a helpful tool that all company’s that have a website need to master. There are 5 steps that help break down this process.

  1. Using quality links is very vital to being a successful website. I plan to use this in creating my own website. You want your sources to reflect the type of image you are wanting to create. Also linking your social media is very important in making sure your links work correctly.
  2. Google Authorship this will help influence your page rank
  3. Set a URL this helps pick the best possible URL. I plan to use this to help set my website apart from other websites.
  4. Micro data and Schema this helps with better search results and better search rankings.
  5. Responsive Design this is one of the main things I will be using in my website. You want your website to be attractive and fun, but you also want it to be effective. This is so important for the most successful websites

I hope to use all five of theses steps to help make my website the best it can be.


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